This piece evolved from a little pencil sketch I made of a neighbour’s cockerel during an exercise for a distance learning illustration course.

cockerel, pencil, sketch, rooster

I scaled up the sketch and used it to cut a stencil through which I applied acrylic paint to reclaimed wood. It still serves as a house sign for the home of the cockerel and his human companions.Rooster-postcard-web


This image is now available on postcards and as digital prints (A3 and A4) and I can stencil him onto almost any surface.


Yet more Discord Nancy

Having made a stencil type image of the Discord Nancy portrait I tried it out with some spray paint:

on wood

Stencil art, spray paint, wood, street art

and on walls

Stencil art, spray paint, street art

Stencil art, spray paint, street art