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Hello and welcome!

I returned to Essex, my home county, in the spring of 2020 after more than a decade of living, painting and designing in the south of Spain. I’m still relishing all the opportunities to discover, rediscover and paint the many delights of this beautiful county.

Here I am last August, taking a moment in front of my Maldon High Street fine art prints at the launch of “Looking Up”, my exhibition at the Maeldune Centre.looking up, exhibition, maeldune centre, maldon, high street, pen and wash, buildings, architecture, colouring in, community project, kathryn hockey, artist, illustrator, mayor, share memories, art for sale, visit maldon, essex

Here’s a bit more about my other art projects:

  • Exhibitions: I was really touched by the generous reception for my exhibition of pen and wash portraits of beautiful Maldon High Street which ran in the Maeldune Heritage Centre from 17th August to 2nd September 2023. I was also delighted to be invited to show the paintings there again at the group exhibition “Mighty Maldon” which ran from the 16th February to the 5th March 2024. Read more about it here.

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burnham-on-crouch, essex, wallasea, clocktower, marine, landscape, boats, estuary, architecture, illustration,

sign, sign painting, sign writing, hand painted, illustration, fruit, vegetables, one shot enamel, shop local, burnham on crouch, essex, fresh, sun burst, asparagus, cherries, peas, strawberries, lime, mushroom, pears, advertising, promotion

  • During the first lockdown of 2020 I was absorbed with my “Painted Snapshots of Bermondsey” project. I sent my original artist book to the Brooklyn Art Library and then self published a limited edition of 50 printed copies – all signed and numbered – which I sold to raise money for Southwark Foodbank.

street sign, illustration, brooklyn art library, the sketchbook project, sketchbook, pen and wash, watercolour, watercolor, painting, drawing, urban landscape, urban sketching, corona virus lockdown 2020, bermondsey, london, se1, southwark

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  • Sketching: Weather permitting, I like to sit outside and crack open my old tin of watercolour paints for some loose drawing and splattery colouring. 

burnham art trail, grapnells farm, wallasea island, burnham-on-crouch, burnham art trail, burnham art club, river crouch, essex, wallasea island, boats, landscape, pen and wash, watercolour, painting, urban sketching, nautical scene, illustration

  • Textile design: I’ve had my designs digitally printed onto fabric for various sewing projects including: dresses, a tea cosy and face masks.

dragonfly, fabric, textile design, home sewing, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, woven monkey, the assembly line elastic tie sweater, dress making

  • Travel Blogging – I recorded my trip around India in words, photos and sketches and posted them in my latest work section. I also drew portraits and painted a few murals while I was in Rajasthan.

jaisalmar, fort, rajasthan, india, workaway, rooftop, wonbin safari hostel, pen and wash, watercolour, watercolor, painting, sketching, sketchbook, travel illustration, travel blog, illustration, landscape, painting, drawing

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The writer Jackie Cornwall says

icarus mendoza, sequence, three witches, book cover, novel, illustration, jackie cornwall

I came to Kathryn Hockey’s art through a St. Ives prism, seeing in her clear colours and careful outlines the legacy of Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood and Bryan Pearce. How wonderful then, that when I asked her to create a painting for a friend’s birthday, she gave me that most quintessential St. Ives discovery, a windowless windowsill! Her work vibrates with a life-affirming joie de vivre. Her ability to find colour and interest in unregarded objects is one of the most engaging aspects of her art.

Everything in Kathryn’s work has its own glamour, from bulging gas bottles to clustered flowers. A white skull, an elegantly strutting rooster, a squadron of peppers are almost tamed by her instinct for line and pattern, but in their exuberant colours nature has its way. A dancer’s boots, crowned with roses and creased with use, lead our eyes into a looking-glass world. Beyond her delicately wrought townscapes dance the lights of infinite possibility.

Sometimes cartoonish and stylised, sometimes lovingly detailed, her people are not strangers; they look straight into our hearts, and whether they smile, wink knowingly or merely look out at us from the sanctuary of their own thoughts, we know them and their humanity. To encounter one of her subjects is to find a friend. Her animals too, are real personalities.

Kathryn’s work would enliven any context, but in the brilliant light of the Costa de la Luz her feel for both colour and line have come together in a unique combination. She is a true artist, one who makes art out of everything she sees, and I trust that in the future, her reputation will increase as she deserves.”

You can see blog posts about all my latest creations here.