Screen printed t-shirts

3ts-webHere are my latest screen printed t-shirts, using three of my designs…all printed by hand at home…


If you’d like one for yourself just give me a t-shirt and I’ll print it for you!



Cock-ts-web EP-web



This is the screen for the cockerel design…..





…the cockerel t-shirts






the El Palmar t-shirts….






and the feather t-shirts.


This was an illustration project to design a tattoo and motherĀ“s day card around the word ‘Mum’

BandWwebTat-skin-webcard-redweb Cardweb


The feather represents the crane which was sacred to the mother goddess Demeter in Roman mythology; symbolising long life, health, happiness, wisdom and good luck.

Also available as postcard without the Mum


Mixed media collage on reclaimed wood

These collages are made with found wood, bottle caps, ribbon, string, feathers and paper scraps

012Map,-cap-and-feather Pray-for-Surf Tryptic1


The ‘Pray for Surf’ image is available as a postcard