Lemon and Ginger Sketch

lemon, ginger, cold cure, fruit, food, drawing, water colour, sketch, pen and watercolour, juicy

Here’s another juicy pen and watercolour sketch inspired by my search for cold remedies.

Lemon and Ginger, I salute you!

Sushi Time

sketch, pen and watercolour, pen and watercolor, sushi, wasabi, ginger, sushi time, maki, nigiri, tuna, salmon, langoustine, soy sauce, seaweed, chop sticks


With no Vejer Sketchers outing planned for today, I promised myself a lunch of takeaway sushi on the condition that I made a pen and watercolour sketch of it before eating…this has to be a perfect definition for delayed gratification and certainly helped to whet my appetite and really appreciate the artistry of our local chef at Sushi Time.


Biscuit Packaging

The brief for this project was to produce three biscuit packaging designs for children with the theme of extinct animals:

Choc-chip-biscuits-kathryn-hockey-artist-illustrator Ginger-biscuits-kathryn-hockey-artist-illustrator Raisin-biscuits-kathryn-hockey-artist-illustrator

And here’s a mock-up of the T-Rex box